Interactive tools for children’s digital safety

#stop_sexting project has been working with the purpose to keep children safe from online sexual risks in Ukraine since 2018.

Since February 2020, #stop_sexting hosts the IWF Portal in Ukraine. |

The project unites young people, teachers, parents, and volunteers, and with support from national business, government, and international experts and organizations provide national-wide awareness raising materials.

This article consists of games and other interactive tools to help you to build trust-based communication about the digital safety with your child.

Personal fairytale for preschool children

“Our fairytale” is a tool to explain basic rules for a safe Internet experience and to set some family rules about it.

Game for 6-9 y.o. children

Your child is an adviser in this game and has to help I-Searcher to respond on various risky situations related to Internet using.

Game for 9-12 y.o. children

Children of this age usually have some “friends” from the Internet (commonly, from online games and other sources). Help your child to distinguish these friends from the real ones.

Interactive discussion for teens

Common activity is a great opportunity to talk to your adolescent child about safety online.

Coloring page – for any age

Invite your child to paint a picture. While your son or daughter is painting, discuss the basic rules for safe Internet:

  • if something scares the child while watching videos or cartoons, it is better to tell the parents;
  • if the child wants to download a new game or find a new video, he or she should tell the parents and ask for permission;
  • you should agree with the child on the time limit for using the gadget and follow this agreement;
  • discuss other safety rules accepted by your family.